Battle of Hatfield 633

A battle fought between the Christian King Edwin of Northumbria and an allied army of Mercia and Gwynedd under the Pagan King Penda and Cadwallon ap Cadfan respectively. Edwin was defeated and killed. Believed to have been fought at Hatfield near Doncaster, an intriguing counter claim is that it was fought near Cuckney in Nottinghamshire which is close to what was the Mercian, Northumbrian border.

Near the small village is a hamlet called Hatfield. A few miles away is a place called Edwinstowe where a legend claims Edwin’s body was laid after the battle before eventually being collected by his Queen and reburied at York. Also close by there was reputedly a chapel named in honour of St Edwin at a place called Warsop. I also recall somewhere the mention of a mass grave found when Cuckney churchyard was extended.

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